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Claim Your Power

Key Takeaways:

1. You have the power to change your perspective.

2. Resist binary thinking.

Ever have one of those days or moments when you feel overwhelmed and powerless?

Demanding work environments and personal commitments may make us feel like we have little control over our life’s situation. Our mind focuses on things beyond our control causing us to believe we have no control over anything. The result? Stress. Anxiety. Fatigue. Despair.


You have more power than you think. It’s time to claim it.

Change Your Perspective

First, remind yourself that you have the power to change your perspective. As I wrote last week, you can choose to be happy in the present moment. Set aside the things beyond your control or dependent on other persons. Focus on things you can control. Take a minute and focus on your breathing. Consider your surroundings. See anything beautiful or pleasing? Reflect on how your body feels. No aches or pains? Great! For what are you thankful for today? Name a couple things.

I like to tell myself, “If I’m drowning in three feet of water, stand up!” In other words, focus on what I can control and let the rest flow by.

Shifting perspective doesn’t need to take a long time and can be done anytime and anywhere. You have the power to change your perspective.

Resist Binary Thinking

When we think in terms of either/or we limit possible outcomes for any given situation. We think, “I don’t have an hour to work out today” so we don’t bother taking a ten-minute walk. We define our accomplishments in terms of winning or losing. We view a coworker or competitor as good or evil. In any conflict, we decide someone must be right and someone must wrong (and we’re always right, right?).

Freeing ourselves from binary thinking creates more possible outcomes that unleash creativity and problem-solving. We view others through the lens of our shared humanity recognizing that though we may disagree, another person’s perspective provides information that helps us refine our position and grow. Failures become learning experiences and happiness is found in the journey not the destination.

Claiming one’s power takes practice. Our culture tends to affirm binary thinking because it gives the illusion of strength and decisiveness. Often, though, it masks a lack of curiosity, compassion, and humility.

Claim your power! Change your perspective and resist binary thinking. You got this. I believe in you.

Keep thriving.


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