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Change is constant. Some change – like the birth of a child, death of a loved one, or corporate restructuring – impacts our self-understanding or our team’s ability to achieve their goals. We’re caught between who we were and who we’re becoming. We don’t like to admit it, but we doubt our abilities. When these feelings affect our well-being, hurt our closest relationships, or prevent us from reaching our goals, it's time to discover your greatness by scheduling a discover greatness coaching session with Ridgeview Coaching. 


Ridgeview Coaching affirms our clients’ ability to rise to the challenges they face. We partner with them in an inspiring conversation that clarifies the issue. Action steps are developed, and accountability partners identified. As clients progress toward their goals, they develop attitudes and assumptions better suited for their circumstances. Through it all, we celebrate their success and encourage continued progress.

We’re here to help carry the load and guide you through the challenges you face. Exciting days are ahead for you. Schedule a free Welcome to Coaching Session today.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Transition is the inner reorientation and self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate any change into your life.

William Bridges, Transitions



We serve our clients as a trusted confidante. Our commitment to confidentiality empowers our clients to explore ideas free of judgment. We take seriously the concerns they face.  Their success is our only goal.


We believe our clients possess the ability to overcome all obstacles they encounter on the path to their goals. We serve as an experienced guide empowering them to discover solutions more quickly. Clients leave each session with action steps. Goals are achieved sooner - more is accomplished.


Our assumptions limit our possibilities. Through a thought-provoking conversation, Ridgeview Coaching inspires clients to reframe perspectives, question assumptions, and explore goals greater than they thought possible.


The time and money our clients spend for coaching is worth it considering the consequential impact it has on achieving goals worthy of their lives’ devotion.


"As a day trader, maintaining clarity and objectivity is huge. After one really hard day, I decided I was going to quit. Tom helped me see how I had been sabotaging my own efforts. With his support, I created new trading guidelines and watch lists that have allowed me to continue pursuing the career I love."


Thomas, Day Trader

Hiker Reached Top of Mountain


On life’s journey we all encounter obstacles or get off track. In the past, we’ve struggled through it on our own. But what if this time you have an experienced guide, someone you trust, who knows the way? Someone who has your best interests in mind and will help you get on track more quickly. A companion who sees the best in you and who helps you see that, too. 

Discover if Ridgeview Coaching can serve as that guide for you. Review our Welcome to Coaching guide then schedule a free Welcome to Coaching session today.

The last thing you need right now is a hard sell - that’s why we never do it. You are free to end the session at any time for any reason. Our goal is your success. 

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