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Navigating the Gap

Updated: Mar 25

This week I had a wonderful conversation with my web designer and friend, Kristina Koslosky of Kreative Solutions LLC during the Open House for Whitewater University Technology Park and Community Engagement Center’s new Executive Director, Elizabeth Thelen.

Kristina and I were discussing the challenge faced by entrepreneurs who get caught up agonizing over details at the beginning of a venture and become paralyzed into inaction by over-thinking.

Kristina said, “At some point, you just have to acknowledge the website is good enough to get going. The creative process doesn’t end with the launch.” I’m thankful for Kristina’s “get it done” attitude. It kept me moving toward my goals as we developed the website for Ridgeview Coaching.

When Getting it Right Leads to Giving it Up

Her comments got me thinking about the number of times I have either talked myself out of trying something new or agonized over “getting it right” to the point of giving it up.

What does “getting it right” even mean for something I’ve never done? How did I develop the timeline for completing my project? What measures am I using for success and whose values am I u