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From Good to Great: Enhancing Performance through Coaching

This month, the good folks at Vibrant Faith Coaching School invited me to share some thoughts on the power of coaching for their May newsletter. Here is my article:

In the remarkable journey of life coaching, individuals and teams find the power to enrich their personal and professional lives. The process begins with an invitation to reflect on existing perspectives, actions, and feelings. This reflection opens our eyes to previously unseen possibilities leading us to develop strategies and action steps that propel us toward our goals. What I find inspiring is how coaching creates a safe and judgement-free space for persons to reconsider assumptions and habits that may no longer serve them as they once did.

This transformative experience brings clarity and hope. It affirms our personhood by recognizing we are whole, capable individuals today. Past decisions, regrets, and any discouraging internal dialogues no longer define our future. We can change. We can pursue our dreams, celebrating progress along the way.

Personally, coaching has opened up a world of boundless possibilities, beloved friendships, and continuous learning. I find great joy in exploring the underlying neuroscience behind coaching, both for the benefit of my clients and myself. This newfound knowledge has empowered me to challenge negative thoughts, create space for reflection, and cultivate a sense of peace and forgiveness. Coaching has freed me from the burden of being the problem-solver and allows me to be fully present for my family, friends, and clients. Through coaching, I've become more gracious with myself and no longer wait until I have the ‘perfect’ solution to act. That makes life exciting!

Above all, I am profoundly humbled by the trust my clients place in me to share their life stories. Each session reminds me that there is greatness within each person waiting to be discovered. Coaching is a powerful way to embark on that journey of self-discovery and unlock our potential. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to serve as a coach.


Is coaching right for you? Connect with me for a complimentary thirty minute introductory session and find out.

Take this step today and together, let's discover your greatness.

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