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Seeking Change

With all the change in our lives it’s fair to ask why anyone would intentionally look for more of it! Responding to change requires additional emotional and physical energy – two resources often in short supply.

Since change happens whether we are ready for it or not, maybe it’s time we transform our attitude toward change. How might we understand change as offering opportunities to pursue goals worthy of our lives rather than chaos-producing events to be feared or avoided? How might we seek change that matters to us rather than scrambling in response to the changes imposed on us?

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

This powerful quote from The Shawshenk Redemption by Stephen King cuts to the heart of what’s at stake in our efforts to transform our understanding of change. Most of us have a choice. We can spend our lives pursuing life-giving goals and living our values or we can let life happen to us with a victim mindset.

Three Steps Toward Embracing Change

If you are ready to transform your attitude toward change and begin a journey of pursuing goals and dreams, then consider the following practices:

Cultivate Awareness