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What to do when you are Overwhelmed

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by the circumstances of life, we’re tempted to pull the covers over our head and let the world go on without us. Unfortunately, that’s not an option. Jobs, family responsibilities and personal interests all demand our attention.

When feeling overwhelmed, try the following five steps.

Five Steps on the Path to Gain Control

  1. Close your eyes. Take three deep, intentional breaths while focusing on the sounds you hear. Open your eyes. Remind yourself you are safe and capable. A good first step in eliminating the sense of being overwhelmed is to slow your thinking by focusing on the present moment details of sounds, smells, sensations.

  2. What are the three most important priorities facing you today? Focus on these by telling yourself you’ll get to all the rest in due time.

  3. What are you claiming responsibility for that rightfully belongs to others? How might you transfer that responsibility to where it belongs?

  4. For today, give yourself permission to say “No” to new requests or invitations without making excuses to justify your response or feeling guilty.

  5. What inner self-talk do you hear that moves you to emotionally and physically take on as much as you have? What’s at stake for you? Choose one thing you enjoy and make time for it today.

Coaching involves listening with curiosity and compassion. The above questions are examples we might ask a client during a session. Each of our clients is unique and uniquely gifted. Schedule a Welcome to Coaching session today. Let’s explore how we might support your efforts in developing a healthy sense of life balance. We believe in you!

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