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What to do when you are Stuck

Updated: Jan 11

When we find ourselves facing too many or too few options, a rising ambivalence leads to our becoming stuck. Our mind spins. We think getting unstuck is impossible.

Below are five steps to activate the expert that is you so you may begin the process of moving toward your personal and professional goals.

Five Steps on the Path to Get Moving

  1. Close your eyes. Take a moment to listen to your surroundings. Identify three or four different sounds. Take a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Listen again, identifying two new sounds. When ready, breathe deeply and exhale slowly.

  2. With your mind calm, name two options you’ve considered. Reflect on the first one you name. What is one small step you could take to pursue that option? If you can’t think of options, imagine a friend sharing with you the challenge you’re facing. What advice would you give them?