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When Good Enough is No Longer Good Enough

How are things going for you these days? Good enough?

Look, I get it. When we reach a certain level of success and comfort – however each of us defines those terms – the last thing we want to do is screw it up. After all, things could be worse, right?

I’ve had seasons in my life where I’ve traveled down this Good Enough path. I fell into a comfortable rhythm as I encountered predictable ups and downs along the way. The view may not have always been spectacular but it was, well, good enough.

Some of us stay on this path our whole lives. Occasionally, we consider a few ‘what if’ scenarios like, “What if I had taken that job offer?” or “What if I’d gone back to school?” or “What if I’d followed up on that business idea?” But these thoughts pass and we continue our way.

For others, IT happens.

Maybe IT is getting passed over for a promotion or another argument with a significant someone or a health crisis. Maybe IT is a growing sense that somewhere along the way you got sidetracked down the Good Enough trail. You realize time is passing and changes need to be made. Life may be good enough but this moment of clarity makes you realize that good enough isn’t good enough for you anymore.

IT represents any change that occurs in us or to us that invites us to question the status quo. These types of changes provide opportunities to reflect on our goals, assumptions, and perspectives in powerful ways. Some respond to this awareness by developing new goals and actions steps to reach them. Others allow the moment to pass opting to return to the familiar. The good news is you don’t have to wait for a crisis to gain clarity on the direction of your life.

If you have a growing dissatisfaction with your Good Enough life, consider the following thought experiment. Imagine today is the last day of your life. That’s it. No more tomorrows. Whatever you have completed or started is finished in whatever state it is today. Consider the status of your relationships. Whatever shape they are in today is how they end. Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on the scenario.

What comes to mind for you? What are those goals you’ll regret not pursuing or finishing? Are there relationships that need mending or strengthening? Write down everything that comes up for you. Once you have this list, ask yourself, “What’s stopping me from pursuing these goals? What internal voices do I hear that undermine my confidence or motivation? What are my fears? What’s one step I could take today?”

When a client comes to me seeking to re-engage their life’s adventure and gain clarity on new directions, we begin by building a foundation of trust and confidentiality. Together, we dispel the inner naysayer by identifying the client’s assumptions and attitudes that no longer serve them. The client creates goals and achievable action steps. Resources and accountability partners are identified. Excitement grows in proportion to the growing list of possibilities. It takes effort and it is rewarding!

I’m not knocking anyone who is fine with a Good Enough life. If it’s working for you, I’m happy for you!

However, if you’re in a season wondering what else life may have in store for you and aren’t sure how to discern next steps, schedule a Welcome to Coaching Session with me today. Experience the power of a confidential conversation that explores your hopes and dreams while silencing inner, self-defeating voices.

Now’s the time. Free your inner hero. I know you can do it!

Keep thriving.


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