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Experiencing challenges caused by a life transition?

Coach Tom Smith will guide you to your goals




When you experience a significant life change like the death of a loved one, job change, divorce, long-term illness, graduation, retirement, or birth of a child, you don’t need to travel that difficult path alone. Ridgeview Coaching will help you navigate and thrive through life's transitions.

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Whether you need a trustworthy confidanté to guide you in exploring possibilities or seek clarity on the path forward,  Ridgeview Coaching will help your leaders and team members navigate transitions caused by cultural shifts & societal change.

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With the guidance of a coach, many congregations have developed new attitudes, assumptions and actions that have inspired their ministries. These services require significant amounts of human and financial resources beyond the reach of many small to midsize congregations.

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Parents and guardians understand children are affected by their transitions. They realize their emotional response to change impacts their children yet may wonder how best to support them. Kid Coach supports parents and guardians by teaching them how to become their child's transition coach.  

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All change produces loss. All loss produces grief. Recognizing the impact grief plays in personal transformation leads to healing and growth.

Tom Smith, Life Transition Coach

Change is Constant

Change that causes us to question our decisions and abilities undermines our confidence and obscures our goals. We become uncertain. Stuck. Ridgeview Coaching serves as an experienced guide helping clients clarify challenges, identify goals, develop action steps, and celebrate successes. As your transition coach, Ridgeview Coaching can help you thrive through life's transitions and transform doubt to confidence, anxiety to contentment, or fear into courage. If you’ve lost faith in yourself, contact Ridgeview Coaching today. We believe in you.

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Some refer to coaching as “Rent-A-Friend” or “Counseling-Lite.” Professional coaching is neither. Coaching differs from other helping professions in unique and powerful ways.


The best way to determine if coaching is right for you or your team is to experience it. After reviewing the Welcome to Coaching Guide, schedule a free 45-minute Welcome to Coaching session. The first ten minutes are dedicated to introductions and an overview of coaching. During the next twenty minutes, we coach you on a topic of your choice. The last fifteen minutes will include reflecting on the coaching experience, cost, and next steps. 


The last thing you need right now is a hard sell - that’s why we never do it. You may end the session at any time for any reason. Our goal is your success. Schedule a free Welcome to Coaching session today.

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