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Exploring the Foundations of Neuroscience for Coaches: A Comprehensive Guide

I was honored recently to present a zoom session for Vibrant Faith Ministries and their Coaching School on the topic of neuroscience and its implications for coaching.

Understanding how the brain functions invites coaches to consider new perspectives on obstacles clients face and how to overcome them. Knowing how the brain works provides opportunities to develop successful strategies for healthier habits and positive attitudes.

Here are three foundational brain characteristics to keep in mind.

1. Survival-Our brain's primary objective is our survival. It doesn't care if we write that best selling novel, meet the person of our dreams, or achieve our goals. It only cares about our survival. Because of this, our brains evolved to have a negative bias. Those ancient ancestors who were afraid and who considered negative outcomes were rewarded by living long enough to reproduce. It's why the sting of losing $20 overwhelms the joy of gaining $200.

2. Conserve Energy-Our brain weighs 2% of our overall body mass yet consumes 20% of our overall energy (the prefrontal cortex, source of curiosity and problem-solving, is an energy hog). Our brains evolved in times of food scarcity so conserving energy became a valuable trait. To reduce power consumption, our brains consciously and unconsciously develop habits by observing what we do not who we are. Repeated behaviors cause the associated neural pathways to develop allowing the nerves associated with the behavior to fire faster. We call these behaviors habits. The same holds true for our thoughts.

3. Neuroplasticity-The good news is that our brains are constantly changing-every day they are changing. With courage, we can change how we think and overcome self-defeating messages. Why courage? Because our brains find security in the familiar even if the familiar isn't working for us as well as it once did. Stepping away from the familiar generates anxiety and fear so unless we remain motivated, we'll eventually give up. Coaches are wonderful partners to assist you through those fears and toward your goals.

You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you can't choose both. Brene Brown

Feel free to download the slide deck of my presentation for more information and resources. And don't worry. I won't ask for your email address or contact information! It's my privilege.

Intro to neuroscience and coaching
Download PPTX • 10.00MB

Contact me if you'd like to explore how coaching can support your efforts to move toward your goals and discover your greatness!

Remember, you are better than you think you are - right now! Tell your brain Tom says so.


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