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You Are Enough!

As a coach, I enter each session seeing my clients as whole, complete people not needing fixed. My clients are persons capable of overcoming challenges and achieving their dreams. I’m not trying to fix anyone because there isn’t any fixing needed.

Instead, I help clients shift their perspectives and attitudes to see opportunities and possibilities that otherwise might be overlooked. With this approach, the client takes ownership of outcomes as they seek to maximize their potential.

In other words, You Are Enough!

How do you feel hearing this message? Does it surprise you? Have you heard it before? Or are you thinking, “Tom is talking about someone else, not me. I can list all the ways I don’t measure up.”

I believe this sense of not measuring up comes from the ready access of information. We read charts comparing average retirement savings at various ages or college entrance exam scores. We see beautiful and happy people on Tik Tok and YouTube, Instagram and Facebook living large on yachts and beaches. Friends drive newer cars and live in nicer apartments or condos. We begin filtering our life and our accomplishments through someone else’s lens and conclude we are falling behind. That we aren’t enough.